Early in the 21st Century (2:55 AM, in fact), the history of Planet Earth took a left turn into oncoming traffic. ALIEN traffic. A million, zillion hostile spaceships descended on mankind and blasted his cities into chili powder. Then they left.

Shocked by the impoliteness of this alien horde, an alliance of Galactic powers sent emissaries to Earth in order to repair the damage as best they could. This alliance (Known as Galactic Alliance Against the Alien Horde, or GAAAH), needed allies in their ongoing space war, and helped mankind back to its feet.


When mankind stood up, however, it found a leg missing: over 60% of all the humans on Earth had been killed in the attack. Since GAAAH scientists had the ability to bestow high intelligence onto lesser species, it was decided to use some of Earth’s other inhabitants to restore the number of humans lost. The dolphins wanted nothing to do with this, but were glad to learn there would now be 60% less pollution in their water.

The gorillas, on the other hand, were more than happy to bask in a higher I.Q. pool in exchange for their services.

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Episode 1
Art Lovers
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Episode 2
The Price
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Episode 3
Gorilla Tactics
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Episode 4
The Gift
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Episode 5
The Calling
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Episode 6
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Episode 7
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Episode 8
Gorilla Warfare
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Episode 9
End of the World
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Episode 10
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Episode 11
The Rival
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Episode 12
Rewards (Part 2)
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Episode 13
Exchange Day
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Episode 14
Grail Time
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Episode 15
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Episode 16
The Long Road
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Episode 17
The Way of Art
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Episode 18
Rewards (Part 3)
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Episode 19
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Episode 20
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Episode 21
Election Day
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Episode 22
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Episode 23
The Best of Times
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Episode 24
Rewards (Part 4)
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3 Short Stories
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Coda: Episodes 1-6 were written and drawn in 1992/93, and colored in 1995. They were published in color only once, in the two Grease Monkey comic books published by Kitchen Sink Press in 1996.

Episodes 7 and up were written in 1996 and drawn in 2001-02. They were first published in the Tor Books edition of Grease Monkey in 2006.

Read much more about Book 1 in the Articles section of this website. Find liner notes on each chapter here.

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