intro3What’s this about, anyway?

In the distant future, a mysterious alien attack has wiped out most of humanity. Helped by an interstellar race of benefactors, humankind has taken to space…but not by themselves!

Remember when you were just a kid trying to figure out the adult world? Remember walking through that minefield, never knowing when you’d step on the next one? Don’t you wish you had an 800 lb. Gorilla on your side then? That’s exactly what junior spacecraft mechanic Robin Plotnik is about to get.

Mac Gimbensky has been there, done that, and laughed it off. He’s fussy, cranky, witty, clever, and the single best mechanic around. Fixing space fighters is his passion and his art. The last thing he needs is a cookie-cutter cadet nipping at his heels. Fortunately, that’s not quite what he’s about to get.

Mac and Robin get off to a shaky start, but when they survive their first day together on the gigantic flagship Fist of Earth, they become fast friends. In a world like theirs, that’s nothing short of miraculous, because Mac isn’t human — he’s that 800 lb. gorilla you wish you had on your side.

Together, this unlikely duo maintains fighter craft for the all-women Barbarian Squadron, which constantly competes against the ship’s other fighter jocks. In their spare time, they’re in constant struggle against a world of mediocrity. On top of this, their worst enemy on the ship is determined to reorganize them out of existence.

intro1Fresh and engaging, crammed with likable characters and science-fictional inventiveness, Grease Monkey is for adults who wish they “knew then what they know now”, and also for young people who wish they had a guardian angel against the onslaught of the mysterious, treacherous, and ridiculous world of adults.

What’s this website for?

As the creator of Grease Monkey, let me extend a warm welcome. This website brings you the entire story so far, including the parts that were previously available only in the form of ink on dead trees.

Start with Book 1, in which Mac and Robin meet for the first time. On behalf of all us, they defy the rules, strike their own path, and poke holes in the big balloon of life. Occasionally, they even get to enjoy it.

Then you’ll be ready for Book 2, in which a new character joins the team just as the world gets turned upside-down by the return of the alien horde that started it all.

Alongside this, you’ll find animated versions of Grease Monkey: the opening chapter of Book 2 and a whole separate tale, found at the MOVIE links above.

If that makes you hungry for more, there’s a collection of articles that explains where all this came from and shows you everything that’s been done in this crazy world since it was first invented all the way back in 1992.

intro4About the author

Tim Eldred has been writing and drawing comics since he knew they existed. His other titles include Broid, Chaser Platoon, Lensman, Captain Harlock, and Robotech: Invid War for Eternity Comics, Armored Trooper Votoms for CPM Comics, Star Blazers for Argo Press and two Star Blazers webcomics which can be found online at Cosmo DNA.

By day he’s a director and storyboard artist for TV cartoons, with his name on episodes of Godzilla, Dragon Tales, Teen Titans, Xiaolin Showdown, Batman: the Brave and the Bold, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Ultimate Spider-Man, Futurama, and many more. These days he’s a director on a show called Marvel’s Avengers Assemble. If you’re into that sort of thing.

Tim has been working on Grease Monkey since 1992 and will probably keep it going no matter how many people tell him to stop.